Barnacle Cluster, Small Pendant, 18" chain // SCCIX // Sterling Silver

Barnacle Cluster, Small Pendant, 18" chain // SCCIX // Sterling Silver


Inspired by the mysteries of the sea, this barnacle pendant is hand crafted to remind the wearer of the amazing effect the sea has on us all. I have spent countless hours roaming the shores all over New England and I can honestly say that it never gets old. Gulls floating in the distance and the waves gently breaking on the shore sooths even the most restless of spirits. This small pendant is part of my large body of work called 'Crustacea Cirripedia.'

Barnacles build their homes of calcium carbonate to withstand drastic changes in temperature, humidity and physical agitation. I create the Crustacea Cirripedia series in order to pay homage to their solidarity and to draw strength from their sheer will to live.

All pendants come with a Sterling Silver chain of a chosen length. The type of chain is decided based upon the design and what I think will look the best but If you have a preference please let me know in the notes to seller section of checkout.

All of my work is designed, cast and finished by hand so no two pieces are identical. Just like the barnacles that inspire my work, these necklaces are unique souvenirs from time spent near the ocean.

If you would like to make this an extremely special piece of art let me know if you would like to make it custom by adding diamonds.

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